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Non Records Compilation I

August 5, 2011

I have two adds involving palm trees, and this one’s Dutch” I remember Laura explaining to me at one of our weekly Music Director meetings last Fall.  It was my first time hearing Palmbomen – the analog-obsessed mad professor of a musician whose electro pop sounds I found immediately captivating.  Even on the muffled speakers of Laura’s MacBook (no offense, I still love the bird stickers…), the “Moon Children EP” had me wanting more after just one listen.

Where I found more was at NON Records – the Amsterdam-based label that is the home of Palmbomen and other equally enticing retro-minded electro fanatics.  At the time of my discovery of the label, having the opportunity to meet the genius behind Renkas, Bear, HyperHyper, Marius, and other artists from this up and coming tastemaker wasn’t even a thought.   To live in Amsterdam and WORK for such a label?  Absurd dreams destined to never become reality.

Through fate in the WVUM studios (and an honest rec from my partner in Music Directing crime), I managed to become an intern for NON and gain experience in the music industry of immeasurable value.  In particular, my participation in the very release I am posting about remains a quite memorable effort.  I’ll start with a little back story on what became “NON Records Compilation Vol. 1” – originally created as a birthday present for Busy P (Ed Banger Rec anyone?).  I was given the mix as an informal intro to my new job, and thought after one listen… why isn’t this released to the public?  Well, now it is.  Busy P and myself are not the only ones who get to enjoy these gems from the vaults of NON that I’m convinved will someday be beloved rarities in their own right.  And for those dying for an introduction to NON just like I was, there is no better way.

Free: (right click on link or cntrl click + save as)

Kristine – Europe




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