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July 31, 2011

Escort is not a disco ensemble from the 70s rediscovered by some hipster DJ and reintroduced to new 19 year old club goers within the last couple of months.  Zena Kitt (Lead Vocals), TOY !!!  (Backing Vocals), Kemba Russel (Backing Vocals), Anne Harris (Backing Vocals), Ben Herson (Drums), Dan Balis (Guitar & Keys) produce tracks that sound so authentically disco you might look for them in your coke-head uncle’s record collection. The group puts out releases every few years and each one is worth the wait. In 2006 they released a “Love in Indigo” 12″ followed by their “Starlight” EP, which included a sick dub by Metro Area’s Darshan Jersani. They had a few more singles in 2007 and 2010 brought about my favorite track of theirs ” Cocaine Blues”.  I’ve heard a few remixes here and there and I’m crossing my fingers for something new to come out soon.

I recently read an interesting interview where they described their creative process: “All of the synths we use are analog, and all of the instruments you hear are real. The closest thing to a true digital instrument we use is a Linn Drum. We also like to make things even more analog than they are before they go into the computer. Like taking an old synth, plugging that into to a weird guitar pedal, sending that into an old guitar amp, putting a ribbon mic in front of it and feeding that into a piece taken from a vintage mixing board and then into the computer.” Escort’s tracks are by no means throwbacks but they definitely do sound like classics.

Escort – Cocaine Blues 

Escort – Starlight


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