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Shit Robot Interview + Guest List

July 28, 2011

Alrighty kids! I’m sure many of you have already heard SHIT ROBOT  is coming back to Miami on August 13th at Grand Central. Shit Robot is Marcus Lambkin from Ireland and part of the DFA family. I’ll spare you all of the biographical details which you can read about here.  We caught up with Mr. Shit himself (lol) and were lucky enough to have a few really important questions answered. Check it out…. (also read past the interview if you want to be on Nightdrive’s reduced guest list on the night of the show)

NDM: Why Shit Robot and where did the Shit come from? We know it has something to do with a crappy drawing, what inspired the crappy drawing?

SR: The Shit comes from James (Murphy) mocking my raver background and he used to threaten to hang out with me in the DJ booth with white gloves on, doing a really “shit”, robot dance. Then it kind of developed into this character we used to joke about. We were spending a lot of time at Plant Bar at this time and Shit Robot was the guy who was always there, who everybody knew, but he never came with anybody, he was always alone. Then when myself and James were doing a party together, we had to call it Shit Robot and James quickly did the robot for the flyer and I’ve used that drawing ever since.

NDM: How did you conceptualize your live performance? Tell us about the light show and costume? Are there any visual artists that inspire the projections?

SR: Yeah, well again, the idea came from the Shit Robot character. I was thinking, what would Shit Robot do? I was imagining this idiot robot guy, trying to do his crappy version of the Daft Punk pyramid. There are some great shows out there, Daft Punk, Etienne De Crecy and other wicked LED shows, but Shit Robot could never afford that, so I wanted to make the “Shit” version. Charlie, from Syntheastwood did the visuals and came up with some great stuff, I just kept telling him, more crap, shittier!

NDM: When you DJ do you try to read the crowd and play accordingly or do you have a pre-made set? What platform do you DJ on? (vinyl, CDJs, or any particular software)

SR: Oh no, a pre-made set is a quick road to failure, I believe. You have to read the crowd. I mean, that’s your job as a DJ, If you have a pre-made set, you might as well just play a CD. I still like to play vinyl, but it just isn’t always possible these days. So often now, I show up and the turntables haven’t been used in months or they don’t work, or feedback. So, I always carry vinyl with me with a lot of it backed up on CD, just in case.

NDM: What’s been the craziest thing a Shit Robot fan has ever done?

SR: Oh, I don’t think I’ve seen anything too crazy. I do love it when people take it upon themselves to make homemade robot T-shirts, I love that.

NDM: Most memorable gig and what made it so memorable?

SR: That would have to be supporting LCD at Terminal 5 for their last few shows, that was amazing. I was really terrified, it was for sure my biggest show to that date, but more importantly ALL of my friends and peers were there and it was the first time any of them had seen the show, I was really nervous. It was the best though, Juan and Nancy got up on stage and performed with me, it was a load of fun. The crowd was great too, with them all being LCD fans, they were very open to another DFA artist playing. They were really great, I really felt like I was part of the show and not just another opening act that the crowd had to put up with before the act they came to see came on.

NDM: Who’s your favorite fellow DFA artist and why?

SR: Oh, how can I answer that, they are all my friends. James and Juan have played a huge part in getting Shit Robot to where it is today though, I couldn’t have done it without them. Plus their music has been hugely inspirational to me, but I think that goes for all DFA artists.

NDM: Favorite label that no longer exists?

SR: Network was a big one for me back in the day for the more ravey stuff. Then there’s 99, home to Liquid Liquid and ESG, that was an amazing label.

NDM: Now for a serious one 😉 …what do you think it takes to be a successful money-making artist theses days?

SR: HAHA, well, that’s almost an impossibility these days. It’s really hard to make money producing records now. I think the standard model now is to put out records, don’t expect any money from that and then DJ or play live to pay the bills. It’s become really difficult and I wouldn’t advise anybody to give up their day job for it. I’ve been really lucky in the sense that I never expected to make a career out of it. I just started DJing for fun, I’m a qualified Cabinet Maker, so I always had that to pay the bills. I think if you’re not expecting anything, it’s a lot easier. Then I’m very lucky that I have friends like James who has pushed me and helped me through the years.

NDM: How did you feel about your last Miami performance at the Vagabond and what do you anticipate this time around at Grand Central?

SR: Oh, that was a really great show, so much fun. I’m not sure what to expect this time round as my good friend Josh (JDH from Fixed) threw the last party during WMC, but I’m sure it will be great. I love visiting Miami and my good buddy Mike Sike lives there, so I’m sure it’ll be a throwdown.

NDM: And our typical 305 question…Favorite Miami related tv show, movie, personality, band, or performer?

SR: Too easy, Al Pacino in Scarface.

So there you have it! Now get psyched for the show (8/13 @ Grand Central) as it’s a seriously cool live performance with all sorts of visuals and a shitty robot. We’re not doing a ticket giveaway this time around (at least not yet) but you can avoid paying full price at the door if you take either of the following options:

1. Get presale tickets. If you buy them through this link you’ll be supporting Nightdrive without even realizing it:

2. Email us at and we’ll put you on our reduced list. Just please put “Shit Robot List” in the subject line of the email. You can include as many full names as you would like. Tell your friends!

Now some music:

Shit Robot – I Found Love

Shit Robot – Simple Things (Work It Out)


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