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Casa Del Mirto

July 26, 2011

I recently asked a few friends what they’ve been listening to this summer and many responded with “chillwave”. I’m glad to know the genre isn’t considered passé yet although it is starting to sound a bit more disco and house influenced. Toro Y Moi’s most recent album and Casa Del Mirto‘s new LP “1979” are perfect examples. Casa Del Mirto’s key member Marco Ricci (not the Baroque painter) has his roots in dance music and has previously produced a variety of dance floor friendly EPs starting in the early 2000s. His past releases seem to have been well received and have now given him the credibility to amalgamate the above genres. In other words he’s not some chillwave bedroom producer who decided to add disco elements to his music in order to keep up with the most current trend. Dude seems genuine and Casa Del Mirto’s debut LP sounds pretty legit.

Casa Del Mirto – Fairy Tales For Moonwalkers

Casa Del Mirto – The Right Way

Stream all of the 1979 remixes here

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