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July 24, 2011

It’s always good to hear that old college friends are making waves, especially in the music world.  I was tipped off recently that my homie Julian along with his partner Ben, collectively dubbed Lovesport, were fashioning some tunes that caught the ear of pop singer/songwriter Little Boots.  After a favorable mention on her Twitter page, the two New York City residents are getting a little bit of limelight.  Their minimal Italo disco track Chase is a beautiful soundscape that is appreciated more and more with each listen.  We’re pleased to have for you a pithy interview with the duo and an exclusive stream of their new remix of Boom by none other than Lo-Fi-Fnk.  The track will be available for download via iTunes Spotify on August 1st.

Nightdrive: Tell us about yourselves, where do you come from and from what musical background?

Ben: Both of us met in New York through a friend about 4 years ago. Julian is classically trained in piano and got his college degree in music engineering from the U. I don’t have any real classical training besides sporadic guitar lessons so I guess I am self taught.

ND: How would you describe your music, is it primarily Italo disco?  What is it about Italo that never gets old?

Julian: We’ve always strived for a Phil Collins meets Metro Area sound, you know that perfect balance between pop sensibility and the energy of dance music. As is usually the case with influences, something might have gotten a bit lost in translation.

Ben: As far as Italo disco goes, it never really gets old because it is from the future.

ND: Word on the street is that you got a head-nod-via-tweet from Little Boots.  What has the response been?

Ben: The shout out from Little Boots and the overall response to ‘Chase’ has been beyond what we expected. The great thing about having music on the internet is that you can get it to people around the world and you don’t have to rely on a local scene. Through soundcloud we noticed we had a couple of plays in the Republic of Moldova, so if you guys are reading this, we would love to play a town near you

ND: What can we expect from Lovesport in the near future?

Julian: Well, our next track will have vocals from yours truly. We’re finishing that single now and are currently looking for the right label to put it out. Also on the horizon are some new remixes, including one for our friends Hey Champ! Stay tuned.

Lo-Fi-Fnk- Boom (Lovesport Remix)


Lovesport- Chase

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