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Aerea Negrot

July 19, 2011
“As a child I always felt I was from somewhere else. I knew traveling would be a vehicle to express myself musically.”
Aerea symbolizes her love of sky and flight and Negrot  is based on two influential singers in her life-Tona La Negra and Olga Guillot.  The classically trained singer was brought up inspired by music, art and performance. Her family comes from a lineage of performers. From that grew a unique, complex, performance artist, her voice switches from countertenor falsettos to a quivery baritone. The beginnings of stardom began in her native Venezuela with her band-La Familia Feliz. In 2002 they achieved international acclaim with the track “La Disco.” Some of her fans have dubbed her the “Venezuelan Grace Jones” and the “Eartha Kitt of Techno.”
Her growing popularity led her to Europe where she received a scholarship from the London Center of Contemporary Music to study vocal training and music composition. This inspired her to start her own solo projects, performing in various local venues. Her friend and long-time collaborator Fata Keifer met again in Berlin where she met producer Tobias Freund (known for his works with Minus and Heartthrob). After receiving a demo he quickly introduced her to Bpitch Control’s–Queen “B”Ellen Allien, soon after Aerea was signed to the prominent electronic german label. It didn’t take long for Andy Butler (the genius behind Hercules and Love Affair)to take notice of the enigmatic performer, they both met at an Antony and the Johnsons concert back in 2008 (How appropriate). After a review of the demo and reels of her performing live (watch a sample here), he brought her onboard to collaborate on a track called “Painted Eyes.”
Aerea is now one of the members of Hercules and Love Affair along with a new solo album out on Bpitch control called “Right Body Wrong Time.” Miss Negrot and the band will grace our city on August 25th for the Identity Festival taking place in Bayfront Amphitheater.
Get inspired:
Hercules & Love Affair – Painted Eyes (Maxxi Soundsystem remix)
Aerea Negrot – Deutsche Werden
Click for Bonus track
Get acquainted:

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