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July 12, 2011

I think I’m in love with Renkas’s sound perhaps because of all the 80s Euro pop I grew up listening to and loving so much. Renkas’ latest tracks sound like an updated version of the style of music that inspired  Vamos A La Playa.  According to his bio (quoted below) Renkas grew up in the USSR in the 80s, which many of you know was a place plagued with political and social instability. I remember visiting the area during that time and thinking man, this is almost crazier than Colombia (where I lived  – it was around 88).

It seems to me while most people in the US were listening to New Edition and The Cure those in Europe in South America had bands like Righeira and Miko Mission.  I’m by no means comparing Renkas to anything italo or disco but that’s what his über original sound associates with in my head (also maybe real new wave). I’ve been rocking his new Christabella E.P. at almost every DJ gig lately and people seem to dance to it without knowing what it is….so rare for Miami. I’m seriously impressed with the guy and can’t wait to hear a full length.  Below is his bio delivered fresh from Non Records’ staff along with a blurb from Renkas himself.

Renkas is a neo-romantic on Amsterdam’s NON Records. His music is something out of the ordinary, yet extremely contagious. In his oeuvre, a serious sense of melancholy resides behind a see-through curtain of catchy melodies, resulting in a unique mix of emotion-driven music. His songs are about heavy Kiev summers, corruption, grey buildings and love. June 2011 Renkas released “Christabella” EP on NON Records, a 4 track EP, which is about restless youth and wasted love. It’s available for download on iTunes (a.o.) and on vinyl in your favorite record stores.”

As for Renkas on ND, here is a quote from Sasha on his release:

“Inspiration for the EP came from beautiful and often painful and tragic experiences from the turbulent teenage days. First teenage discoveries of the night, love, drugs and lost in the summer. The most sounds of the EP come from an 80s synthesizer Roland Juno 106, I built a personal and deep relationship with during the many nights going back to when I was 17. I grew up in the late 80’s USSR. It was a crazy, beautiful yet horrifying time. In the near future I am going to do live shows and dj sets around Europe. Then I am going to a hippy trip to Italy with a lot of adventures on the way.”

❤ ❤ ❤


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