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Panic Bomber Releases Domestic Violins

July 9, 2011

I’ve written about our local techno-dude Panic Bomber (aka Richard Haig) in the past and since then I’ve witnessed an artistic project that continues to surprise me on a personal level.  Nine years ago, Richard was the weird-but-cool kid that lived one floor above me in the UM dormatory.  I was coming from a small town in the Northeast, and he was the first to introduce me to artists like Aphex Twin, Lords of Acid and Cex.  He had a crush on Bjork, argued in favor of Linux to the death and wore punk rock tshirts that were so tattered that they could barely be categorized as “shirts.”  He possible had the most eclectic musical taste of anyone I’d met and had a few gadgets that he tinkered with in his cave-like room.

His first tracks as Panic Bomber had heavy pop influence with plenty of vocals, abrasive synths and catchy hooks.  His first EP release under YYZ Records, Discipline, displayed a more refined style with a pronounced and informed techno influence.  His latest EP, released this week off the same label and titled Domestic Violins pushes further from his poppy origins and dives head-first into proper dance music genres including techno, house and even disco.

This isn’t to imply that this new phase of Panic Bomber is generic, because it is anything but.  The 5-song EP displays a great cohesive diversity that is both sophisticated and accessible.  Null Rider is a punchy house track while Kill The Beast is a techy excercise with jazzy riffs and a hard beat.  My favorite is the single off the release, Visit From The Grave featuring the vocals of Madam Asuka (incidentally the only vocals on the EP).  At a head-bopping 109 BPMs, it’s a pleasantly minimal disco beat with an italo bass line, quirky blips and a dramatic drop before the breathy vocals kick in.  I see this EP getting much more attention for this

You can download the Domestic Violins EP HERE



Panic Bomber- Visit From The Grave


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