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Slice & Soda

June 28, 2011

I like this recent band name trend involving two nouns separated by an ampersand: Wolf & Lamb, Tiger & Woods, and now Slice & Soda.  Turns out Slice & Soda is actually Para One (Frenchie) and San Serac (Masshole) working together to make songs for us to dance to. Para One is a pretty established remixer/producer, he’s responsible for producing TTC’s French rap albums and for one of Daft Punk’s most recognized remixes of “The Prime Time of Your Life”.  San Serac is no stranger either, he has 3 full length Nu Disco albums under his belt, is part of Morgan Geist’s Environ family, and has toured with the likes of Junior Boys, Shout Out Out Out Out, and Tiger City. I wonder why the duo didn’t call themselves San One or Para Sac. Either way, Slice & Soda’s sef-titled EP just came out on 6/20 off of Six Pack France. They have a limited run of 300 CD digipack + T-shirt bundles available here. Git ’em quick!

Slice & Soda – Dead Of Winter

Slice & Soda –  Moments In House


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