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Jacques Renault Interview + Ticket Giveaway

June 16, 2011


OK Jacques, most of these interviews go something like this:
‘What inspires you to play disco?’, ‘How did you get into dj’ng – remixing – editing – and then producing?’, “Is your name really Jacques Renault?’ This is not that interview. We’re only going to ask important questions, deep stuff, the stuff that the people need to know, want to know, have to know!


Nightdrive:  Seriously, Tequila or Scotch before your opening set and do you enjoy a light buzz during your sets?

Jacques Renault: Haha. I’ll have a drink when I play. I need to be a little loose…

ND:  Your dream gig, have you experienced it yet? If so, where and when, and most importantly, why? If not, describe what you envision it being like.

JR: I always talk about how it would be the Paradise Garage, or Music Box back in the days. Something like that. Those parties looked pretty insane…

ND: Hands down, what DJ out there, past or present, makes or has made you boogie down on the floor or at least feel like doing so?

JR: Listening to those Ron Hardy tapes definitely are inspiring…
ND: Most people know you as a DJ, edit man, remixer, and producer, but not many know you’re also a skillful handyman of sorts, a true carpenter, sort of like J.C., as in Jesus Christ, or so it has been written. Anyhow, what’s the coolest project you’ve ever been involved in and do you continue to strap on the tool belt?

JR: I wouldn’t say I was a true carpenter but I was definitely handy. I used to call it ‘utilitarian,’ haha. Retail windows, photoshoots, loft buildouts and odd jobs. I’ve done some good work for a few artists you would know. I don’t build too much these days, unfortunately. But I have a few personal things I’m planning on, including a new studio buildout here in Brooklyn.

ND: Ok, music question coming up, for a good while there dance music began revisiting the much beloved piano and Chicago house sounds of past decades and like everything, things have a cyclical life span, what’s hot now is not so hot tomorrow. With that said, what’s hot now, what’s that “money track” in your record bag, come on Jacques, what’s that sound?!?!

JR: Ha I’m not sure what to say. You’re right, things come and go, it just turns into other things. I’ve been playing this Weekend Express track recently that’s been my jam. Look it up…

ND: Off beat question, A Certain Ratio or King Tubby? No, seriously, what other sound are you into other than Disco and House and do you see yourself getting involved in it. If so, in what fashion and if not… just totally disregard the question and let us know, Post Punk or Dub?

JR: I just worked with my friends The Hundred In The Hands last year. We did a bunch of different things and I would say big influences come from dub and Factory stuff too. Mark Verbos and I just remixed VHS or Beta and we’re from different places musically but it worked really well. Always good to collaborate and bring different ideas together, that’s how all this new stuff is born.

ND: Scenario: You’re djing a killer set, all of a sudden your record skips and then begins to loop uncontrollably, but it sounds live, as in good, do you:
A. Freak the ‘F’ out, drop the gain on the channel, and throw on the closest record your hands can reach for. Or…
B. Keep cool, crack a smile, bob your head to the loop, and wink at the crowd, convincing them you’ve done this on purpose?

JR: This just happened to me with a record of mine that never skips, in this case the tone arm was stuck (note to clubs- keep up on your maintenance with your gear!!). I usually bump the need myself so we move on further into the song. If it still doesn’t work, I bring the volume down and laugh about it. Usually people get it since I’m playing vinyl. But I’ll have something handy to get in the mood right where we left off if all else fails.

ND: Aside from being a talented DJ, remixer, producer, and co-owner of a label with Marcos Cabral, the second half of Runaway, you’re also a talented musician with previous ties to projects in various bands. Which has brought us to this question Jacques, the world wants to know if RUNAWAY is going to take their show on the road and play their music live, as a… wait…. wait…. wait for it… A Band?

JR: Oh we’ve definitely been working on it, it has been evolving a lot lately as we keep changing the set up. We want it to be the best it can be, of course… soon soon.

ND: Ok back to serious stuff. Since you’ll be in Miami in the coming week, I figured I would play a quick ‘fill-in the _______’ with you specific to Miami. By the way, aside from the world reading this, all of Miami will be reading along so make your answers count, you’ve been forewarned.

When in Miami, my first stop, aside from my hotel room, is ______
JR: ...that diner I can never remember the name of! Help me on this one, I try to go there every time I'm in town.

ND: The truth about cuban coffee is _______

JR: ...that I love it.

ND: Walking down the street, someone yells out, "Oye Jacques, me gusta tu musica", to which I respond in Spanish ________

JR: "...Me gustaria hablar español."

  ND: Hands down, Miami has the best _______

JR: deco architecture ever. What a great snapshot in time. (remember Jacques, Miami's reading).

ND: Ok, lets bring her on home with the last question of this interview. What are your immediate plans for the future specific to your music career and when can we expect another amazing remix, edit, or track from Mr. Jacques Renault?

JR: I just wrapped up a remix of Breakbot’s “Fantasy” on Ed Banger and Kaine Featuring Kathy Diamond for Defected Records. Those are out soon and expect some party breaks and more goodies too soon to talk about!


Mr. Renault will grace Miami with his presence tomorrow night at Bardot for a killer set in dance with support from Jonathan Brody and Carlos Llanos. 10th person to email with the correct answer to this question will receive complimentary admission for two to tomorrows show. What is Jacques Renault’s real name?

The Hundred In The Hands – Dressed in Dresden (Jacques Renault Remix)

Heres a mix he premiered on WVUM 90.5 earlier in the week, just a taste of whats to be expected tomorrow night. Enjoy!

Jacques Renault – 8 Cities, 9 Days

Interview by Jonathan Brody

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