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Helado Negro Interview

June 15, 2011

Roberto Carlos Lange is the South Florida born and raised son Ecuadorian immigrants and grand master of Helado Negro. A band that has been exploring new corners of “psyhe-folk” or better said, a band that can not be defined by any one genre. I was fortunate enough to ask Lange a few questions that have been brewing in my mind since listening to Awe Owe. I hope this gives us all a bit of insight to what we are listening to and what will come from Helado Negro. For more on Roberto Carlos Lange go to: and


ND: What encouraged you to begin making music? How old were you?

HN: Curiosity encouraged me and some unnameable force inspired me. I started playing guitar when I was 10

ND: Growing up in South Florida as a hispanic is something that is interesting and at times difficult to explain. How do you feel your up bringing effected your music?

HN: Its a large part of what I do and who I am. Its the basic elements that make me up. From there Ive continued to pull from those roots and see how many new things can be derived from it and discovered. Musically Latin Americans have the most diverse history and backgrounds in music it seems like most of it was represented in south florida and all of it affected me in some way or another.

ND: How did the concept of Helado Negro come to fruition?

HN: Helado Negro was a natural progression to the music I had been making. It focuses on my voice and it created a whole new world for me in terms of performance.

ND: Are members of Helado Negro transient or are they a permanent collective?

HN: Both

ND: There came a point in your career when you began to shift your production style away from Hip Hop driven beats and drum loops to more experimental methods of production. What caused this shift?

HN: Its hard for me to say what Im doing isnt that. Everything released is a bookmark of where my mind is at with this form of communication. The shift is more inspiration that led to curiosity and exploration.

ND: As well as having an extensive catalogue with numerous monikers /projects (Epstein, Boom & Birds, ROM, Bear In Heaven, Savath & Savalas) you have also created sound sculptures and developed scores for film directors. How do you approach projects individually? What is your creative process?

HN: Music is a very community based idea. Even listening to any record or at least most you can sense community somehow or another. When I collaborate with something that isn’t a traditional format like a record album I bring that same idea of community. You try to leave your ego aside and so how two minds can build one thing.

ND: What is your favorite piece of equipment?

HN: My blender that makes smoothies

ND: What will you be working on next?

HN: Im currently in Atlanta working on a sound installation that ends this friday (

ND: Who are some of your favorite current musicians?

HN: Jason Ajemian, Jullianna Barwick, Leb Laze, Prefuse 73, JayTram, Lobisomem, Colin Stetson, Chris Devoe, Adron, Sunless, Keith Sunset, Comic Wow, Warm Ghost, Straight Angular, Mike Slott, Matt Crum, Nori Tanaka, Greg Jamie, Shedding, All Tiny Creatures, Michna, the list can go on…

ND: If you could explore any other creative medium, what would it be?

HN: I think I can explore them all. one that Im trying to find more time for is just slowing down. creatively slowing down.





Helado Negro -Regresa

Helado Negro – Adios Mundo Maldito (Pink Floyd Cover)


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