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June 5, 2011

Velora is the name of the EP Fairmont (aka Jake Fairley) released this May.  Somehow in someway there are connections between Fairmont, James Holden, and Nathan Fake (All journey-based track creators of technological sounding music). For a lack of a better explanation, I would just call it Alien spaceship music. Using a dark vocal loop in the first track, over and over again, and how everything else in the track works around it creates a mesmerizing feeling, defining just the beginning of the EP’s experience.

The second track, called Ununoction, is far more intense, sounds like it was made with a Moog Voyager, Begins in repetition, Progresses to peeks and lows, then melody starts being built, lastly it starts to develop a kick. All of these being surprising as can be (In your head you’re like “what is happening when will the beat drop no!” madness). This is definitely my favorite track, it really is Space Techno.  The next song takes it a notch down. Similar backbone to Ununoction but it remains in darkness. Some more vocals but they remain sort of low. Then the last song really makes it happen with the high pitched alien-communications sounds you would imagine in movies (My favorite). The last track Vanguard is more serious, progressive, and definitely a dance song.  This is where you can imagine a room full of European party dancers going insane in a dark but crazy lit place. It reminds me of what I imagine Berlin was like in the 2000’s. Fairmont, like Holden and Fake create images in my head, using what some may assume as overused electronic sounds, but regardless of their preferences, I love when I find genius compositions of any kind.

Fairmont – Ununoctium

Nathan Fake – Long Sunny (Fairmont Remix)

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