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New from Native Underground

June 4, 2011

A while ago, our boy Stravinsky clued us in on Native Underground, a fairly new house project by producer Henry Maldonado and vocalist, Javi.  As far as the Chicago House-inspired movement goes (Azari & III, Tensnake, Hercules & Love Affair, et al.), Native Underground is well on its way to being my favorite.  Every time I spin I look for an excuse to play out their previous tracks Push 4 Love and Till It Hurts.  

Today I was happy to discover their latest EP release off Under The Shade for the single Night Vision with remixes by Iron Curtis, Ultracity and two by Brennan Green (vocal and dub versions).  What’s even more spectacular is that every remix is amazing.  It’s one of the few instances where I download an entire release.  I encourage you to listen to the stream and head over to Juno and show some love.

Head to the US Juno HERE for the exclusive Brennan Green Dub version!

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