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Carlos Llanos Discomix

May 31, 2011

Hello music lovers,

My name is Carlos Llanos, I am originally from Lima, Peru.  I started dj’ing when I was 19 at a club that plays new wave, gothic, industrial and 90s back in my hometown, thanks to Kike “La Oveja” , a popular DJ in Peru, who taught me everything I know. After moving  to Miami I became a resident DJ at Soho Lounge and also made the rounds at the Kitchen Club, SpiderPussy, Circa 28, Sin Events parties, Buck 15 and many other venues around Miami playing mostly 80’s goth, Indie, electro and new wave. In addition, I have guest dj’ed on WVUM’s  Electric Kingdom Live and Vamos a la Playa.

After meeting a fellow Peruvian music collector, Gio Ardito, who introduced me to Italo Disco, more underground dance music, and also to Romulo Del Castillo (Schematic Records) another fellow Peruvian-my musical taste changed.  In 2007, the 3 of us decided to create a party called Peaches and Prunes, with the idea of bringing something different to miami and featuring local djs with the same passion for underground dance music.

During this time, I started collecting mostly Italo and obscure dance music and became greatly influenced by Flemming Dalum, I-F and David Vunk.
What I like to play now is italo disco, new wave,  dark disco, electro, deep house and industrial.  I enjoy creating mixes that weave together different styles of music with the sole purpose of making you dance.
With the following mix I wanted to create a timeless compilation, passing through different decades from the 70’s to the present, without having you realize it.

Here is theTrack list with my thoughts on each tune

1 – ORS – Dream Machine – 1978 (classic cosmic disco)
2 – Luv You Orchestra – Moon Maiden – 1978 ( a disco tribute of the original song written by Duke Ellington in 1969, very hard to mix)
3 – Wind – Luxury – 1983 (first time I heard this song was on a mix by Flemming Dalum, producer and DJ of the best Italo disco mixes ever, Luxury is a personal favorite)
4 – Sidwho? – Pay for Love –  2010  (good remix by Azari & III)
5 – Danny Mekanik – Osmondosis – 2010 (which is an edit from “The Osmonds – I, I, I” very well done edit)
6 – Storm Queen – Look Right Through – 2010 (I only have 2 words for this : Morgan Geist)
7 – Pink and Black – Sometimes i Wish – 1985 (big surprise from my very good friend Orly, he introduce me to this amazing band, and I had to get this record and play it for you)
8 – Punch – Love me – 1985 (great italo tune)
9 – The Twins – Face to Face – 1982 (Synth-pop/disco killer track)
10 – Azari & III – Indigo – 2010 (very rich Deep House, I am sure you’ve heard them in a lot of clubs already)
11 – Den Haan – Gods from Outer Space – 2011 (i’ve been playing them since 2008, now they finally came out with their first Album, excellent italo – high energy)
12 – Experimental Products – Glowing in the Dark – 1984 (one of my personal favorite synth-electro)
13 – Gürcan Erdem – Jump In To Fire (Amazing NEW Italo disco from Turkey)
14 – Yaz – Goodbye Seventies – 1987 (who doesn’t remember “Situation”, well it’s the same band )

Carlos Llanos
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