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May 18, 2011

I first caught wind of Planningtorock when The Knife announced the release of their opera score Tomorrow, In A Year.  Along with Mt. Sims, Planningtorock collaborated with the Swedish Avant-garde electro-pop group on this monster that left Knife fans confused and grasping for accessibility.


On Monday DFA Records announced that it will be releasing Planningtorock’s much anticipated second album, W, giving us the first single, The Breaks, and a free stream of the entire album.  Upon first listen, it’s obvious that Janine Rostron, the voice behind the name, is delicately straddling the line between artsy/conceptual and accessible/pop appeal.  Orchestral strings dominate the album with an epic “film score” feel but are quickly balanced with pop melodies and electronic dance beats with a haunting mood. The track Living it Out even hits you with a disco beat that takes you a little off guard, but still seems to fit within the progression of the album.  This track along with The Breaks and The One are the stand-outs for me but W offers plenty for consumption.  Have a listen to the entire album HERE and download a few of the tracks for free below.


Planningtorock- The Breaks

Planningtorock- Doorway

Posted by Patrick

Thank you Chelsie for the tip!

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