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Tanita Tikaram

May 12, 2011

I normally wouldn’t be interested in posting a main stream hit, even if it’s a 20 year old hit at that, but I just picked up a 12″ copy of Tanita Tikaram’s Twist in My Sobriety from 88′ and I’ve been reminded of what a great song this is. So in the next few weeks I plan on playing this out a lot. Also, I’ve noticed there are a few edits floating around of this but the only one worth a note (in my humble opinion) is the “minimally invasive” Melon edit.

Tanita, daughter of a Malaysian mother Fatimah Rohani and an Indo-Fijian father Pramod Tikaram, was born in Germany but mainly raised in England. At the ultra young age of 19 years, she scored a major world wide hit with her album Ancient Heart, of which “Twist in My Sobriety” is part of. A bit of Wikipedia trivia: The line in Twist…,  “All God’s children need travelling shoes”, is the title of a book by writer/poet Maya Angelou.
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