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May 6, 2011

When I went to audio engineering school in 2004 there was a guy who had about 20 stuffed animals sitting on the top of his dashboard in his pick up truck. He kinda looked like a chunkier version of Kenneth from 30 Rock except he never really spoke to anyone.  Anyway, we’d see him rocking out in the studio and always wondered what kind of music he was making. Eventually we started calling him Snuggle Dozens thanks to the abundance of fluffy characters in his car. (He didn’t seem to mind it)

I’ve been checking the nightdrive info inbox for the last couple of hours and I’ve heard all sorts of non-format crap and some aiight stuff, but when I went to Euneverse‘s site I immediately had a Snuggle Dozens flashback…so many rainbow colors and photoshop disasters. Is this what Snuggle’s music might have sounded like? Probably not. In my mind Snuggle D makes children’s music, Euneverse makes remixes and commercial jingles. He claims his last release “was a years worth of work for me from conception to master, and my main goal was to maintain all the music’s artistic integrity while providing a fresh urban take on some real classics”

Here’s the remix that caught my ear:

Dre & Snoop – The Chronic (Euneverse Remix)

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