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Big Troubles

May 3, 2011

I first found out about Big Troubles after my band had played a show with some of the members who at the time were backing their friend’s band Fluffy Lumbers. Their debut LP Worry on Olde English Spelling Bee was recorded by the bands joint songwriter’s Alex Craig & Ian Drennan from Ridgewood, New Jersey. It’s pretty Lo-fi but you can clearly hear every riff and effect and the levels on the vocals aren’t annoyingly beating on your eardrums. Worry drips with the essence of MBV’s Loveless. It also has that Smashing Pumpkins – 1979 vibe on some of the songs.  Something pretty cool that I stumbled upon was that Lou Reed played their song “Georgia” on his weekly Sirius radio program (Lou Reed’s New York Shuffle with Hal Willner) Big Troubles is currently working on a follow up to Worry and I wouldn’t be surprised if this new album becomes one of best records of 2011.

Big Troubles – Video Rock

Big Troubles – Freudian Slips

Guest Post by Michael Lee

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