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May 2, 2011

Working off the popularity of their singles Spanish Fly and Moondance, Blondes will be releasing their Touched EP off Merok Records this June.  Along with these tracks, these two Brooklynites will add three more originals (You Mean So Much To Me, Paradise City, Virgin Pacific) along with a “Sundial remix” of Moondance by Oneohtrix Point Never. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys perform live here in Miami at Eve (formely The White Room) during Art Basel thanks to our friends Erica and Ernesto of Veni Vidi Vici who hosted them.

Their new music doesn’t lose the unique dance music style that initially caught my attention.  Their improvised beat-making is such a breath of fresh air for someone who appreciates the craft of electronic music.  Watching them live isn’t the most flashy or visually stimulating, however, they give you a glimpse into their creative process live on stage… and that means something to me.  It’s like, as a kid, watching Bob Ross start with a blank canvas and create a lush landscape one happy tree at a time.  I love that stuff!  Blondes builds songs layer by layer, flips the bird to instant gratification and makes the listener wait and appreciate the organic subtleties.  Now with that said, give it a listen…


Blondes- You Mean So Much To Me

Blondes- Hater

Blondes- Moondance (OPN Sundial Remix)

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