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Entresol | Formal Matter | The Remixes

April 17, 2011

Nightdrive Miami is pleased to announce the release of Entresol’s debut EP for the single Formal Matter! The EP is available completely FREE through the links below. We’ve invited some of Miami’s most infamous producers and remixers to give Formal Matter their own unique spin.  Remixers include: Danny Daze, Air Zaire, Kabuki Iron Kolors, and Hydroplane.  Feel free to link or post these tracks on your blog, add them to your radio rotation, or play them out at the clubs. If you do post any tracks, let us know so we can give you some link lovin’ on

Formal Matter (Original Mix)

Formal Matter (Kabuki Iron Colors Remix)

Formal Matter (Hydroplane’s Italo Instrumental Mix)

Formal Matter (Danny Daze Flip It Mix)

Formal Matter (Air Zaïre Remix)

Free Download

About Entresol

Entresol is Eduardo “Edi” Rivadeneira, a one-man electronic tinkerer and synth enthusiast from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  With a collection of keyboards, drum machines, pedals and samplers, Entresol has created a unique sound that blends classic disco and electro beats with contemporary pop melodies.
At the age of thirteen, Edi started his music career in his birth city of Guayaquil Ecuador by playing bass in various punk bands. A few years after immigrating to the US in 2002, he pursued his interest in music by studying jazz composition at Broward College where he simultaneously got aquainted with the Miami alternative club scene.  Infamous parties such as Revolver and Poplife turned his attention to indie rock and electronic dance music.
Entresol was conceived in 2008 and in the last few years his unique style has quickly spread beyond his home of South Florida.  He’s performed at major Miami venues such as Grand Central, The Awarehouse, Bardot Lounge and The Electric Pickle and has opened for national acts such as AnoraakPhantogram, Jessica 6, Arthur Baker, Still Going, Woolfy and Javelin. His remix of Caribou’s single Sun placed in the top 10 for the band’s official remix contest, and Edi’s just getting started.  Look out for his full length coming in Fall of 2011.

About The Remixers:

First we have heavy hitter Danny Daze.  Most club-goers in the Magic City have been moved by Mr. Daze.  Besides being one of Miami’s most talented DJs, he’s best known for his production as DiscoTech and Señor Stereo.  This guy has mastered the art of the house remix, giving Entresol a deep beat for the club.

Second we have Miami native Hydroplane a.k.a. Renzo Gorrio.  His recent departure to San Fransisco did not deter Mr. Gorrio from showing us some remix love.  Describing his sound as “what a Gorgio Morroder and Mathew Dear collaboration might sound like if they both got together to record in Argentina,” Hydroplane gives Formal Matter a touch of Italo Disco.

Next up we have Kabuki Iron Kolors a.k.a. Ryan de Grandy. A seasoned producer best know for his Hip-Hop influenced Story Hour Tapes, he now heads a newly formed and quickly rising ten piece boogie band Psychic Mirrors.  Kabuki spanks Formal Matter with a hand full of boogie, funk and soul, adding some killer synth leads and back-up vocals.

Finally we have the touch of rising talent Adam Santucci under the moniker Air Zaïre, recently featured on the latest Poule d’Or compilation.  Previously of synth pop duo Life of Seals, Adam has developed his own style of retro-inspired dance floor banger with a touch of trance-done-right. Air Zaïre turns Formal matter into an epic composition filled with build-ups and monumental crescendos.

Media Links

Visit Entresol’s pages and show some support. Like him, follow him, stay informed.


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