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Secret Cities

March 30, 2011

Here’s a lo-fi indie band from the Midwest I’ve been slowly falling in love with. After a crazy week of Ultra Fest boom boom Secret Cities‘ new LP Strange Hearts has treated me like an Alka-Seltzer and a glass of water would. They’re with the Western Vinyl crew which includes other indie favs like Dirty Projectors, Here We Go Magic, and Botany.

Western Vinyl explains:

“Started by MJ Parker and Charlie Gokey at the tender age of 15, Secret Cities grew out of a shared love of psychedelic pop and a pen-pal arrangement that saw the pair trading 4-track tapes through the mail. The band eventually expanded to a trio with the addition of fellow Midwesterner and kindred spirit Alex Abnos on drums. After a few small releases on Baltimore’s Fall Records, the band released its proper full length debut (the well-received Pink Graffiti) in 2010 on Western Vinyl. Following a nationwide tour in support of that release, the band spent several intense months writing and recording new material, re-imagining their sound as a fractured take on classic AM radio pop. Strange Hearts, the resulting album, is due in early March on Western Vinyl.”

Try before you buy:

Secret Cities – Ice Cream Scene

Secret Cities – No Pressure

Secret Cities – Love Crime


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