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Jessica 6 Interview + Todd Terry Remix

March 24, 2011

Along with artists Arthur Baker, Eli Escobar, Woolfy, Still Going, Team Rojas and Entresol, New York City’s Jessica 6 will be in house tonight for what’s sure to be an amazing live performance on the intimate carpet of midtown’s Bardot lounge. In town for Nightdrive’s One Year Anniversary, the other half of Hercules and Love Affair will be helping us celebrate in style. With Nomi Ruiz’s sensually deep vocal stylings and a sound that derives from classic house, electro, punk to soul, the threesome are more than ready to throw down their mix of dance. With such an intimate environment awaiting everyone attending the festivities I can only imagine this to be a night to remember. BRING US CAKE!

May 24th will be the day Jessica 6 release their forth-coming album ‘See The Light’ on Peace Frog Records. In anticipation of the new album they just dropped a nice little remix of the single ‘White Horse’ by House legend Todd Terry, Check it!

JESSICA 6 will also be doing a live DJ set on WVUM 90.5 FM (stream online at on Electric Kingdom from 7-8pm.

Jessica 6 – White Horse mp3.

Jessica 6 – White Horse (Todd Terry Remix) | Stream Only



1. Andy Butler is:

Andy Butler (period)

2. We got our name from:

The movie Logan’s Run

3. Best show we ever played:

Was in Zurich

4. We are inspired by:

Dance, funk, punk and each other

5. You haven’t lived if you haven’t listened to:

The ever soooo beautiful SADE!!!

6. We would like to see dance music:

Sing, Sing, Sing…

7. Best advice we’ve ever gotten:

‘Be the mother to your soul’  – Antony

8. Our favorite place in NYC:

Midnight Sun Studio

9. When we think of Miami, we think of:

Sexy beach time of course!

10. Future projects and plans:

‘See The Light’ May 24th Peace Frog Records

11. You can catch us at:

Bardot on March 24th and at

12. 80’s or 90’s?


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