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Woolfy Interviewed + ND One-Year Ticket Give-Away

March 23, 2011

Although I’m excited about all the artists we have performing tomorrow for Miami Music Week, my personal favorite is Woolfy.  He makes the “dirty disco” that really gets me going.  Not too many vocals, not too many strings or layers, just sophisticated grooves and driving beats.  Here’s a brief interview with Simon James, the London born/LA based musician behind the name.

ND: If it wasn’t for this, Woolfy would not exist…
Woolfy: Well I can put this up to alot things .. 1) my mental state .. sometimes the beast  comes out, and I know most people go there, I just put a name to it . I love the chase, once you’ve caught one , it’s usually not what you expected. 2) the underground .. it’s a place where people can let loose and take on characters that are a true part of themselves and we all love ’em for it . For fucks sake , I’m sounding like a psychologist … alright, 3) Dj Harvey, the one man who knows how it’s done …
ND: You’d be most flattered if who told you they were your biggest fan?
Woolfy: Hmmm, not sure, but she’s about 25 years old, funny as hell, likes a good bender and can play the cello ..
ND: Dirty disco is….
Woolfy: Blood sweat and tears: bloody marys, sweaty bodies (I wanted to say sweaty ….  but I’ll keep it PG) and good ol’ tears (joy of course).
ND: Your favorite collaboration was with…
Woolfy: Dan Hastie of Orgone/Projections. We set up these weekends where we lock ourselves in the woods for three days and get so fuckin lost that we actually create something worthwhile. It sits on our hard-drives for years.  We’ve got about 50 tracks we haven’t finished . They’re slammin …
ND: What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?
Woolfy: What time is it, shit … where’s my shoes? Where’s my records? How do I get home ? …
ND: London or LA?
Woolfy: LA .. you kiddin me .. sorry Toby , Felix , Horsemeat .. but this is LA mang … Sarcastic / Sunny Side Up …
ND: Who’s making the best disco music today? (You can use a broad definition of disco if you wish)
A “broads” definition of disco would be .. this shit is hot , party party .. actually that’d be all our definition of disco .. but a broad definition of disco .. um, I would have to say Ilya Santana is definitley ruling some shit right now, pitched up or pitched down …
ND: What’s next for Woolfy and/or Projections?
Woolfy: Woolfy vs. Projections has a new LP coming out on Permanent Vacation. It’s definitley Cali with a touch of Wings .. the new single In Your Own Worlds will be out shortly .. as for my solo thang, I’ve got a long awaited release this summer called Juniors Throwin Craze, and a few remixes on the way . Oh yeah, a vampire musical as well …
ND: When you think of Miami, you think of…
Woolfy: Miami bass .. speedos and thongs .. bailar bailar bailar


Woolfy- The Odyssey

Woolfy- Neeve (Permanent Vacation Tropical Heat Mix)

Woolfy- The Warehouse

Ticket Give-Away!

Alright kiddies!  First to email with their name and the correct answer gets a pair of tickets for tomorrow’s party:

What was the name of the LA deep-house/funk club that Woolfy founded in 1995?

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