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Walter Gibbons

March 8, 2011

If and when you think of underground Disco and the beginnings of House music please consider some facts about Walter Gibbons:

1. He produced the 1st commercially available 12″ single ever.

2. Was a master of reel to reel remixing and re-editing. Some say he invented the remix.

3. Collaborated with the likes of Arthur Russell plus he remixed and worked with tons of Salsoul cats.

4. Hands down regarded as one of the most skilled DJs of his time (NY 70s-80s)

5. Beedle called his style the “blueprint for house music”

Gibbons, the legend:

Arthur Russell – See Through (Walter Gibbons Mix)

Dinosaur L – Go Bang! (Walter Gibbons Mix)

Harlequin Fours – Set It Off (US 12-inch Version)

The Salsoul Orchestra – It’s Good For The Soul (“Disco Madness” Album Remix)

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  1. Kev permalink
    March 8, 2011 5:46 pm

    i love Salsoul and nearly any damn version of Summer Madness

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