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March 6, 2011

Why Architeq has not been featured on this blog is a mystery to me.  Sam Annand is from Scotland and has released most of his music off the esteemed Tirk label.  These are probably some of the deepest, creepiest, and rawest beats I’ve heard out there.  In my opinion, Annand’s jams embody the perfect combination of downtempo disco, dub, hip-hop beat, deep house and even IDM.  The sonic compositions are always fresh, never seem repetitive and just when you thought you’d gotten the point of any particular track, you get slapped in the face with a change-up.  I’ve got a lot of downloads for you because I couldn’t narrow the list down.  Trust me, you’ll enjoy this.


Architeq- Birds Of Prey

Architeq- Packard

Phenomenal Handclap Band- Baby (Architeq Dub)

Architeq- Time Cube

Architeq- Hot Cargo

Space- Carry On, Turn Me On (Architeq Version)

Cruisin’ Gang- Chinatown (Architeq Acid Mix)

Architeq Feat. Ilija Rudman- Mind Games


Architeq Feat. Ilija Rudman- Mind Games (Emperor Machine dub)

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