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Eagle and Talon

February 20, 2011

Why am I posting this? Is it because it’s “art”, because the lead singer is a cutie or maybe it’s funny? I’ll let you come to your own conclusion’s. Anyway, LA’s art/rock girls Eagle and Talon have recently teamed up with comedian Reggie Watts for whats seems to be a permanent threesome. Their new self released EP In Manila (BI/AKKA) is only about 14 mins long but you can expect to hear some “wonky aquatic sounds, propulsive beats, enya, jazz-disco” and of course some guitar.  Mr. Watts contributes some guest vocalizations and umm “rubbery bass grooves”. If you are familiar with his comedic stylings you’ll know the guy is as slapstick and intelligent as they come. Personally, I am a fan so this definitely got my attention. Check out Reggie and crew in their video for the single For The Bond and the video for title track In Manila below directed by experimental filmmaker/animator JC Wegman (The Simpsons).

Eagle and Talon – In Manila Mp3.

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