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In Flagranti Interview

February 17, 2011

I’m really excited for In Flagranti’s new album “Worse For Wear” to drop this spring off of Codek Records. “Flea markets and recycling parts of our production are really at the center of this album,” said the now London-based Sasa Crnobrnja. “I like things to be old and run-down,” added Alex Gloor, who still resides in Basel. “So I let myself be inspired by one of my favorite places to spend time: 1970s-80s New York City.”

The Europe based duo has had two amazing past releases packed with kitschy disco goodness: 2006’s “Wronger Than Anyone Else” and 2009’s “Brash & Vulgar”. After previewing the new LP, WFW,  I can only say… be excited guys! I had the pleasure of catching up with the boys for a quick interview and they not only gave us some juicy biographical tidbits but also shared their humble opinions about a few industry issues.

ND: According to the interweb In Flagranti means either:

1.      In the act of committing a misdeed.

2.      While performing sexual activity.

Do any of these definitions reflect your sound or attitude? If so which one and why? If not, why did you guys call the band that?

ALEX: It also means, getting “caught”, thats what i liked about the word “in flagrant”, it can be applied to lots of ideas or meanings, it doesn’t get old, it can be reinterpreted in different ways.

ND: How and when did you guys decide to start working together? When did you realize you had a mutual love for underground disco?

ALEX: we met in a records shop in 1990 in switzerland i was looking for cosmic records and sasa had them. We started to work together right away and we never stopped, 20 years have past and we still at it every day and enjoying it.

ND: How is “Worse For Wear” different from 2006’s Wronger Than Anyone Else and 2009’s Brash & Vulgar? What kind of progress do you guys feel you’ve made in the last 5 years?

SASA: “Worse For Wear” (WFW) has less titles then “Wronger Than Anyone Else” and the tracks are generally longer. “Wronger” was also a compilation of all the In Flagranti vinyl we released till 2006. Some of the tracks were already 6 years old by the time they came out on the album.

WFW was mostly done in 2010. The other thing is that there is less vocal tracks on WFW. i have not had the time yet to analyze our progress but as long as we manage to have fun doing what we like to do best and keep coming up with ideas, then progress is inevitable.

ND: What sets you apart from other bands making similar type of music these days? What do you do to make your live performances memorable?

SASA: i think we got one of the best band names and our music has a distinct sound and character. we never had to follow any trends, we just experimented for years, be it throwing parties, mixing tapes or running our store where we sold clothes and music. That’s one of the things i like most about New York City, you can just create something new and different. The part that make’s our music memorable is the visuals. alex has a peculiar taste in great footage from 70s movies like “The Stud” (78) or “The Bitch”(79) with Joan Collins that we use for our live shows.

ND: If you could hypothetically choose any place/venue anywhere in world for a headlining show, what would you pick and why?

ALEX: any small club with a fat Funktion 1 sound system and a couple hundred devoted music fans will be just fine.

ND: How do you think artists are making money off of their music these days? What advice would you give a bedroom producer trying to get their stuff out?

SASA: unfortunately there is no manual on how artists are supposed to make money. i think turning of your computer and leaving your bedroom from time to time is a good idea, go socialize… talk to other people.

“Worse For Wear” EXCLUSIVE Nightdrive advance previews:

In Flagranti – Hollow Discourse

In Flagranti – Latter Day Methods


Grab a Rio Lobotomy remix of In Flagranti here


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