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Gold Zebra Interview

February 5, 2011

It’s pretty awesome when one of the artists you like and play all of the time contacts you and tells you they really like your blog. Jean-Phillipe from Gold Zebra shot me a message praising Nightdrive and since I’m a fan of theirs, I naturally responded with “Awesome! let’s do an interview!” So here it is, a post about Gold Zebra! Please read below and educate yourself on a band you’ll be hearing lots more of in the near future:

Music is the reason Julie and JP Richard met : he was DJing at a house party and she tried to get him to play her playlist, a conversation followed, leading them to realize they had a common passion for electronic music. This immediately sparked a collaboration to create the style of music they had envisioned. After acquiring several analog synths, GOLD ZEBRA was born in late 2009.

Simplicity is their modus operandi : In rhythm and sound, as well as attitude. Their live shows exude emotions conveyed by JP’s synthesizers’ warm presence and Julie’s bilingual melancholy. The group is inspired by wave music of the early eighties, french pop sensibility as well as the raw energy of italian disco. The duo made their first impression on the blogosphere in february 2010 with the song Six Years. Their Debut EP followed the following august, selling in both digital format as well as a limited Cassette release.


ND: How did you guys conceptualize Gold Zebra and what musical influences helped formulate the whole idea?

GZ: GOLD ZEBRA was meant to be a duo from the start, we both have quite diverse tastes in music, and they’re quite different as well. The area where it overlapped was synth music, early new wave and italo disco, JP sent some instrumental cuts to Julie, and the resulting songs were melancolic and warm, this pleased us very much, so we went from there.

ND: What’s the most special and original aspect of Gold Zebra and the music you produce? In other words, what do you think makes you stand out from other contemporary electronic groups?

GZ: We come from a bilingual city (French/English). Our primary language is french, but our life is colored with English. We wished to express the two facets of our culture by integrating the two languages in our music. We think people enjoy that we are bilingual, we certainly appreciate being able to connect with different people in scenes in the US and Europe. Also, the Zebra is Gold, but not polished, we like raw sounds and propably underuse effects a little, we’re not dance music producers, we just record what we play.

ND:  What do you think is the key to exposing people to your music? Shows, social networks, blogs, promo companies, digital/ physical distribution, etc? Also, how do you feel about people posting your tracks for free online?

GZ: We love blogs, we’ve been discovered by them and we think it’s a very useful way to connect with people everywhere. We love sharing tracks because it means reaching new listeners and that’s what we want. We still think putting on a great live show is the best promo you can do.

ND:  Favorite top 3 songs released anytime between 1971-1987? (JP and Julie please list 3 each)

That’s a hard one, there’s so many songs we like!

JP’s songs :
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Appart
Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia
Television – Marquee Moon

Julie’s songs :
Pink Floyd – Echoes
Serge Gainsbourg – La balade de Melody Nelson
Deux – Dance With Me

ND:  What music blogs do you visit the most?

GZ: We check out Weird Canada and Silent Shout for local stuff, and also Gorilla Vs. Bear, Don’t die Wondering and Disco Naïveté. We really like No Conclusion, Poule d’or and Nightdrive Miami for the great music selection.

ND:  What concert (your own show or something you’ve seen) has stood out for you the most and why?

GZ: We played with Gobble Gobble last september in Brooklyn and their show was mindblowing! They’re amazing live, you really have to see it with your own eyes to understand, it’s a whole experience!

ND:  What are you guys up to lately? Any new albums, remixes, tours, collaborations? Anything you want to tell our readers?

GZ: We have a couple of local shows at home in Montreal and Toronto for the next few winter months. We’re also working on new songs which will be released on a compilation by Montreal collective Visage Musique, this is a project we’re involved in, in order to promote ourselves in Montreal. We’re also planning a small east coast tour for next summer, with Brusque Twins and Tony Cops.


Gold Zebra – Six Years

Gold Zebra – Useless Night Pt.1


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