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Give WVUM a Woodie!

February 2, 2011

WVUM 90.5 FM is hands down the best radio station in Miami. They (or we –  cause I’m actually the Music Director there) provide the most cutting edge programming in the area and never play the top ten Billboard/ Media Runner crap you hear on every other radio station. We take risks and play cool shit. As many of you have heard, various college radio stations have begun to be sold by their Universities in order to save a buck or two on what they consider “dead media”. Even though we aren’t in that position at all, we want U of M to know exactly how valuable and loved their “little radio station that could” is, so please take a minute to read the info below and cast your vote!!!

From the WVUM website:

Today MTVU announced the top 50 nominees for the College Radio Woodie Award, and WVUM made the cut! Thanks to everyone who showed their love and voted — now it’s time for round two! The top 25 college radio stations will be announced February 8th. That means we have a whole week to VOTE!!! (voting is unlimited so go crazy!)


ALSO PLEASE REPOST THIS on FB, Retweet it, or write it on your forehead and walk around downtown… point is – please help us spread the word!

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