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Todd Terje

January 17, 2011

I’ve been meaning to write about Norwegian “Cosmic Disco King” Todd Terje for a few months now. I know I always post about re-editors, remixers, and producers claiming they’re my favorite, but Todd Terje is really at the top of the list. He’s known for refurbishing unwanted disco tracks and for “clearing dance floors” at his gigs. The guy is quickly becoming a legend and has put out some fantastic 12″s and remix compilations.

In a recent interview Beat Portal asked Terje “As someone with a deep-rooted association with 21st century disco, what do you make of its resurgence (at least in the media) in the last year or so?”  I love Terje’s response….” On the one hand it’s great, because it’s introducing more people to disco, but on the other hand it means it’s time to move on. When the media catches on to something, it will surely die pretty soon, hehe. However, I don’t think “disco finally came back again”, it’s always been here, they just didn’t look in this direction.” This is how many of us are starting to feel. It’s kind of like when you see replicas of your favorite 80s band t-shirt sold at Urban Outfitters.

I’m curious as to what direction Terje will go in next,  keep in mind everything he touches turns to gold. We’ll make sure to keep you posted.

For now:

Todd Terje – Eurodans (alt link)

A’Studio – Life’s A Beach! (Todd Terje Beach House Mix) (alt link)

Afro Cuban Band –  Something’s Gotta Give (Todd Terje Rekutt) (alt link)

Grab another remix here


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