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Chad Valley

December 21, 2010

I discovered Oxford, England native Hugo Manuel aka Chad Valley through Service’s “brothers-in-sprit” label, Cascine. The same label that good friends of Team Rojas, Selebrities, are signed to (look out for our remix of “We’ve Been Foolish” in early 2011).  First thing that comes to mind when listening to these tracks is the soulful layering and use of  R&B-esque high-pitched vocal samples (a la Junior Boys’s debut release, “Last Exit”) cemented between melodic harmonies touching a familiar Balearic vein.  His vocals are mixed with an odd spacey vocoder, but he never gets too distant.  What distinguishes him from most of the current “chill-wave” riders is the subtlety and nuances from his original production, rather than the constant sampling the other guys do blended between minimal original composition.  For a dude who lives in a sort of dreary clime, he sure sounds like he belongs in a tropical paradise or Ibiza.  Hoping a forth-coming full-length is as solid as his debut EP.

Chad Valley – Ensoniq Funk (alt link)

Chad Valley – Anything (alt link)

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