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Yukimi Nagano

December 10, 2010

We are so excited to bring Little Dragon to Miami at the end of January.  Nightdrive and The Electric Pickle have been working on this show for a while and I can’t fuckin’ wait to see it all go down. This means you guys are going to start hearing more and more about the band throughout the next couple of months.

Little Dragon is led by singer/songwriter Yukimi Nagano who is 1/3 Swedish, 1/3  Japanese, and 1/3 American. I emphasize both singer and songwriter because her voice is absurdly captivating and her lyrics are sheer poetry. She’s been involved in the music scene for years despite getting most recognition post “Machine Dreams” which was released back in 2009 off of Peacefrog Recordings. She has over 40 musical credits since the early 2000s and has also performed on various network TV shows. Her most recent and obvious collaborations are with Gorillaz (currently on tour with Little Dragon) and Maximum Balloon (solo project of TV On The Radio’s David Andrew Sitek).  Older random joint ventures include side man work for Koop, songwriting for Jose Gonzales (also a love interest), and vocals for her ol’ friend Ge-ology. There are lots more projects she’s been involved with but I don’t feel the need to ramble on about that.  See you at the Electric Pickle on January 28th!


Keep You Kimi – Hird ft Yukimi Nagano

To Binge – Gorillaz ft Yukimi Nagano

Come to Me – Koop ft Yukimi Nagano

If You Return – Maximum Balloon ft Yukimi Nagano

Longin – Ge-ology ft Yukimi Nagano


The Nest – Jose Gonzalez (co-written by Yukimi Nagano)


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