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December 9, 2010


Seems like re-edits are becoming more and more popular theses days especially within the Disco sphere. I’ve paid close attention to the modernization of disco music throughout the last decade and it’s become relatively easy to pick out the jems from the junk. Don’t get me wrong, you might often find me playing a cheesy Nu Disco track  in the midst of some golden oldies – but that’s just to keep the audience interested with something familiar. This is the exact reason why remixes and re-edits are a DJs best friend, people recognize the songs and thus are more open minded towards the new format.

Rayko or Raico Peña is a very creative re-editor from Spain who lives in my music shopping cart. His selections are often vague although I have heard an Eric Clapton & Sting, Stevie Nicks, and Donna Summer Re-edit from his interpretive collection. His originals are pretty cool too. My favorite part about him is his love and respect for Italo Disco – I mean he is in the Canary Islands after all. He’s also founder of Rare Wiri Records… thought I should include that fun fact.

Pa gosar:

ocupation (rayko hypnotic edit) – Chaz Jankel

heads together (rayko edit)

contagious (rayko edit)


Rayko – Disco mutante (Ilya Santana Italian outbreak mix)

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