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Apollo Sunshine Interviewed

November 18, 2010

I posted about these guys back in July after watching the movie “Whip it,” but was just now lucky enough to catch up with them for a Nightdrive style flash interview.  Apollo Sunshine is based out of Boston and is comprised of Sam, Jesse, Jeremy and a bunch of very unique instruments and sounds.  The interweb says they all came out of Berklee College of Music which would explain the quality of their compositions and production.  They kinda remind me of a modern Simon and Garfunkel although I haven’t decided who the third guy would be yet.  They seem to be very down-to-earth fellas based on the tone of their responses. See for yourself:


Apollo Sunshine says to Nightdrive:

ND: Apollo – son of Zeus or spaceship that landed humans on the moon?

AS: Son of Zeus.. We also have an all imrov. side project called Electric Zeus.   It’s very loud and obnoxious, but I find it therapeutic.

ND: Many people recognize you guys from the Whip It soundtrack, how did you go about getting your song placed in that movie?

AS: They just asked us to use it.. Drew Barrymore was quoted in the Boston globe… “It’s beautiful, Barrymore said of the Apollo song “Breeze”. “It ends the movie. It was just a perfect song. I fought to get it on the soundtrack.”

ND: What was your favorite scene in the film?

AS: Underwater scene.  I thought they should have used the song for that part.

ND: Describe the band’s dynamic? Which one of you writes most of the lyrics? The music?

AS: We all make our own contributions.  Lyrics usually come from Sam or Jesse.

ND: What other non-conventional instruments do you guys experiment with besides the little lap harp?

AS: It’s actually a pedal steel.  A bit different because it also has pedals and knee levers that bend the strings. Breeze uses an auto harp, and we’ve used tibetan bowls, drum machines,  theremin, vibes, optigan, mellotron and whole bunch of other things.  We like new sounds.

ND: I LOVE the Mickey Moonlight remix, great choice! Hypothetically speaking, who else would you like to remix your songs?

AS: Thanks! We like it too.  He liked the song, so it was no brainer.  We flirted with getting Deerhoof  and Ratatat to do one, but it never came to be.

Jeremy Black


For MP3s click to see our last post on Apollo Sunshine. (It’s totally worth the extra click)



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