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Arthur’s Landing

November 7, 2010

Question. What would happen if a bunch of musicians who used to work with Arthur Russell got together, started hanging out from time to time and recording? Answer. Arthur’s Landing, a kaleidoscopic tribute band made up of a constantly changing group of musicians who, at one time or another, had the opportunity to work with Mr. Russell.

“Love Dancing” feat. guest vocals by Nomi Ruiz is a hypnotic reworking of Arthur’s “Loose Joints” classic “Is it All Over My Face” and is set to be released this month on  NYC underground dance label CHINATOWN with a special mix from DJ, producer, and Chinatown label-head Brennan Green.
Look out for the full LP early next year on STRUT Records. Also, HERE‘s an excellent mix by NYC DJ Andi Hanley(Body & Soul NYC) featuring Brennan Green’s version of “Love Dancing”.

Love Dancing (Arthur Russell) Elegant Confusion Mix

Your Motion Says (Arthur Russell) Recent Memory

I’ll Be Outside (Arthur Russell) RECENT MEMORY

Check out more HERE

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