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Dustin Wong

November 1, 2010

As a kid, the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books were hands down my number one choice when given one. I’m sure this sentiment is widely shared by many of those who grew up with those books around. I’ll bet Dustin Wong probably grew up with those books around as well. The concept of his new solo album for Thrill Jockey has a lot in common with the idea of laying out a framework for the audience with which they can then work with and within. “Infinite Love,” is Wong’s first release since the mega and mighty-in-concert Ponytail chose to go on their own separate adventures. It offers two LPs, each beginning the same way and then veering off in their own different directions. What you get, musically, is a detailed and more composed version of what you’d hear coming off the left side of the stage at a Ponytail concert. Lots of clean and sunny guitar looping, bouncy, old world 4/4 rhythms, and a gradual dynamic build that takes you from the sound of one guy in a room with a guitar to the sound of a full band, blasting away. The hypnotic zone-honing double album (along with an accompanying DVD) is available now. Check out the preview below:

Posted by: Michael-John Hancock

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