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October 28, 2010

First monthly MINIMAL party starts tonight at Awarehouse.

A group of local creatives, entertainment professionals, musicians, business owners, artists and audio-enthusiasts have teamed together in their appreciation of minimal music, setting the infrastructure for a series of “minimal” inspired events. Taking place at the Awarehouse,  Minimal will feature precision sound, fine art, intelligent lighting, cymatic and electro-acoustic science displays, projection-mapped visuals, and interactive media all curated with the concept of minimalism in its various forms of art and design.

Expect a different kind of party.


Projection Mapping:


KirkJon’s Pick : Adam Marshal – The Owls Wont See Us (Original Mix)

Heather Holiday’s Pick: Eero Johannes, Femme En Fourrure – Banana

Megabitch’s Pick: Gaiser – Neural Block

organicArma’s Pick: organicArma – Love Is Not It All (Heartthrob remix)

Spinn Zinn’s Pick: Juno – Call Me



FB invite


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