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Yeasayer Ticket Giveaway

October 4, 2010

Here’s yet another amazing show coming to Miami this week. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Yeasayer they’re best known for the song “O.N.E”  that goes:

You don’t move me anymore
And I’m glad that you don’t
‘Cause I can’t have you anymore

But I thought you should know
You don’t move me anymore
And I’m glad that you don’t
‘Cause I can’t take it anymore

Sound familiar? If not, please climb out from under that rock immediately and click on the song links below.  They describe themselves as “Enya with bounce” if that helps ;).  I found this really interesting little website they built that will translate any webpage into a Yeasayer type song, I know it sounds strange but check it out for yourself. It’s a good indicator of how progressive and original these guys are. Truth is they’re pretty damn awesome period. It’s going to be a very promising performance from what I’ve heard so far.

Local favorites ANR or Awesome New Republic will be one of the opening acts along with WASHED OUT! I’m personally super psyched about Washed Out’s 2nd show in Miami because we happen to have co-hosted his 1st performance here in the 305 (also 3rd performance ever) and it was a-mazing!

So, first person to email with the exact date and location (name of venue) of Washed Out’s 1st Miami show ever will get a pair of tickets to Tuesday’s Yeasayer, Washed Out, + ANR concert at the Fillmore. Thank our homies at Live Nation. Only thing is that you have to be willing to pick up the physical paper tickets at Sweat Records (5505 NE 2nd Ave) on Tuesday. Ok? Ok!!

Now dig:

Yeasayer – O.N.E. (Coupons Remix) (alt link)

Versus INTL  – You & I (Washed Out remix) (alt link)

Awesome New Republic – Deep Love (alt link)

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