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DâM-FunK @ The Vagabond!

September 23, 2010

“It’s the GFunk era. Funked out with a gangsta twist”

Not too many guys/girls bringing back the intergalactic stylings of their predecessors Parliament Funkadelic (clearly an inspiration); well at least nobody else is getting the kind of attention Dâm-Funk (LA) is getting these days. The guy is pretty heavy on the cosmic boogie FUNK which you should appreciate. Yes you! If you caught Dâm’s label mate James Pants, at The News Lounge (2 weeks ago), you would know that Stones Throw knows great DJs and the importance of the art (no substitutes). Said to be an expert selector himself Dam’s set [Actually Performing] at The Vagabond for their weekly party (((SHAKE))), should be lot’s o fun. Dam-Funk will be alongside local movers DJs A-Train, DZA, Manuvers, Sire Esq & Benton (in the garden), not to be missed!

*Dâm-Funks’ new Record: “Adolescent Funk” (which is a collection of recordings from 1988 to 1992) is out October 26 on Stones Throw Records

Listen/Download Mp3s:

Dâm-Funk – I Like Your Big Azz (Girl) | New Single from “Adolescent Funk”

Dâm-Funk – Hood Pass Intact

Dâm-Funk – Chocolate

Dâm-Funk – A Day At The Carnival

Dâm-Funk – Galactic Fun

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