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The Jackals Remix Phantogram

September 17, 2010

The Jackals are a mysterious duo out of Toronto (mysterious meaning that there is very little bio info on their MySpace or the Internet in general).  An anonymous email was sent with the below track, with language that would imply he/she resided in Miami proper.  So I crossed my eyes like Colombo and did some super-sleuthing and deducing.  The track has a distinct texture and production style that seemed strangely familiar.  Sure enough, listed among their top MySpace friends was none other than Miami’s pop-techno bad boy, Panic Bomber whose label, YYZ Records, is based in Canada as well.  I may be leaping to a conclusion, but I would like to proffer the hypothesis that Panic Bomber had his hands in this cookie jar.  So let the rumor mill start this shamelessly fabricated scandal, or just jam out to Pani…. I mean The Jackal’s remix of Phantogram’s Mouthful of Diamonds.

And if you’re here in the Magic City, check out Phantogram October 2nd at The Electric Pickle with our very own Entresol giving them the formal Miami introduction.


Phantogram- Mouthful of Diamonds (The Jackals Remix)

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