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Interviewing Telepathics

September 17, 2010

I played a Telepathics song on one of my WVUM shows a few months ago and it really stuck in my head. That night I went home (still singing 23:59 to myself) and sent the band an email requesting some more info and tracks for the WVUM library. A few weeks later our sister blog Off the Radar wrote a great write up about them, goes to show OTR’s good taste and quickness. Anyway, the band and I were waiting for their EP to come out in September so we could post a relevant interview for our readers (you). They just released their “Jungle Reaction” this week so below is the interview as planned.  You can get the EP off bandcamp for $3. Whatta deal!

Telepathics is Christiano and Isabella who currently live in Rome. Their emails are hilarious and it’s been a pleasure being in touch with them from the get go. They couldn’t be any friendlier. All I can say is reverb, syncopation, fog, and charm.


ND: You are obviously all Telepathic….what am I thinking?

T: Let´s see what they will say

ND: What is a Jungle Reaction?

T: Were we come from it is a jungle and the result is a jungle reaction. Have you ever been in rome? Except all the nice fountains, splendid buildings and old stones. it is like living among monkeys, lions and all sort of animals (included cars and the real animals) and here comes the reaction. The way everything becomes crazy living in this zoo.

ND: What do you think people visualize when listening to your music?

T: Every song is different from the other.  The synthesizers make it pretty spacy but intimate and close at the same time because of the voice. I imagine a lot of colours, maybe some water, let`s say a colourful pool..

ND: Are you feeling cheery or bummed out by the current state of the music industry? why?

T: Both maybe, in a way it`s great to see so many concret ideas on the web and on all sorts of cds, vinyls and all the rest going on. Bands can tour a lot thanks to the cheap travels but at the same time i dont think it`s so easy to make a real job of the music you make.. You need to find new combinations and activities (recording, selling, producing) to make it possible.. It s good that it changes it`s just hard to understand the way to adjust to it (if you want to adjust ..)

ND: You’ve added a 1988 tag on your band camp site, why 1988? Why not 1987?

T: The summer of love!!!!!

ND: What’s the best experience you’ve had collectively as a band?

T: The making of the music is magic! We are still only in the begining.. is when you start to play live that a lot of interesting things start to happen.

Telepathics – 23:59 (alt link)
Telepathics – French Kiss (alt link)
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