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OHWOW: “No Cause” Exhibition

September 10, 2010

This, for me, is pretty exciting. When I was a little jit, growing up on the west coast, I discovered a little something called Skateboarding. I can remember neon surf/skate apparel everywhere, concave nose style boards and half-pipes that seemed awkwardly high and too narrow for their own good. But this was around the late eighties and back in California. Now fast forward a bit and you find yourself here, this is the East coast, this is New York City and just a different way of life all around. Through the eyes, or rather through the lens, of Ari Marcopoulos do we get to see this subculture and its aficionados at work, play and in their own “cultural movement”.

Ari’s work will be on display tonight September 11th at O.H.W.O.W. Gallery

3100 NW 7 Avenue. Miami, Florida 33127

Opening reception at 8pm.

(((‘NO CAUSE’ Official After Party @ BAR)))

Here’s what O.H.W.O.W. has to say –

Ari Marcopoulos has cemented himself as one of the most influential cultural anthropologists of the last three decades. His body of work focused on marginal pockets of American life and chronicled the early roots of these subcultures as they slowly crept into the mainstream conscience. He has an uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time, capturing fledgling cultural movements as they are taking form. In the process, Marcopoulos produced some of the most arresting images of youth and defiance this generation ever witnessed.

New York in 1993 had a style of skating like no other. It was not your ordinary dude fest. Actually, there were no dudes allowed. These skaters were train-hopping, taxicab jumping, runaway kids – born and raised in the city. Kids from every borough and background bombed down hills, crossed bridges and ferries, to session the urban paradise. Around this time, the NYC skate scene was just beginning to take form. Very few people were able to see this culture firsthand, but Marcopoulos was there and his access was unrestricted. His exhibition, No Cause, captures the mood of the New York skate scene at the moment of inception. Through intimate portraits and quiet moments caught on Polaroid, black and white photos, color snap shots, photocopies, and drawings, Marcopoulos takes us on a ride, chronicling the personalities and locations that shaped a movement and inspired popular culture on a global scale”.

What Skateboarding and it’s culture did for me was introduce me to music I had never heard of before. In honor of the No Cause exhibition and in the spirit of the time and place (The city of New York); below are a few of those music makers that’ll take you back, enjoy! Oh and if I could cop a black n’ white portrait of Harold Hunter at the show (framed of course) I’d be oh so very happy.


A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God

Digable Planets – NY Is Red Hot

Sonic Youth – Sugar Kane

Folk Implosion – Daddy Never Understood

Wu Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M.

East Harlem Bus Stop – Get It On

John Coltrane – Acknowledgment

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