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Los Massieras

September 10, 2010

Los Massieras are two guys out of Germany who make amazing re-edits and classic sounding disco tracks. They’re signed to the Spanish label Discoteca Oceano along with El Guincho and Maluca. These guys have popped out some really nice vinyl releases in the last year including a 12″ titled  Better Than Italians (he he). Their Boogity Boogity Boogity release claims to be:

“the right tool for getting a reluctant crowd to bust out their savage dance moves, with high-octane funk, guitar and flared trousers. If there would be one song that could convince Salsoul to revive itself, this would be it. It’s like an instrumental of an unreleased Carol Williams tune, and the ghost of her voice proclaims a rebirth of the senses. “Bananamania” is an epic disco-not-disco anthem, part Quando Quango, part Konk funk rhythms, with some Tito Puente conga action and Material-istic mutations. In “Shroom Heaven”, the closing theme, that old dude John Carpenter wiggles his waist with Soft Rocks, while Vangelis relaxes at the end of the bar, wading amidst the final measures in a serene, psychedelic bath.”

Los Masseiras (particularly Hugo Capablanca) have appeared on Tim Sweeney’s radio show Beats In Space on WNYU 89.1FM in New York City alongside many other fantastic producers and DJs. For those of you wondering who Tim Sweeney is… Just an awesome and eclectic club DJ aside from being the host of a legendary radio show. AND he’s spinning tonight at The Electric Pickle if you’re in Miami and interested.


Los Massieras – Boogity Master (alt link)

Los Massieras – Allrighty (alt link)

Los Massieras – Rumore Damore (cocktail damore rework) (alt link)

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  1. November 19, 2010 1:11 pm

    WOW los acabo de descubrir, toco mañana en Bogota, obvio los pondre, gracias por los downloads!!!

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