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7he Myriads

August 31, 2010

Little is known about 7he Russian based synth-disco duo “7he Myriads”. I mean you try translating Russian! Even with the help of Google translator things kinda get a little sketchy… but never the less they make some decent tunes so it’s worth a bit of a headache. Let’s face it, how often do you hear of a Russian anything, let alone disco group?  I certainly haven’t. What I could make out through translation is that the duo consists of  “dreamers” Vitalic Teterin and Alexey Krjuk who’ve been together since 2007. The title of their 2010 debut, out on Avrora Records, can only be described as an abstract number symbolizing infinity (hence the 8 on it’s side). One of the Valerie Collective’s head honcho’s, Anoraak has given them well deserved praise. With good reason too, as these guys sound like something the Valerie would have put out themselves. It’s good to know our Russian comrades are making shit happen.


7he Myriads – Myriads

7he Myriads – Spacer

7he Myriads – Ocean (Summer Love)

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