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John Hancock Introduces Beautiful Swimmers

August 28, 2010

Back in 2005, the D.C. Metro Area saw two sick new duos traverse the American landscape, opening for local heroes,Q And Not U. Those duos, Food For Animals and Manhunter respectively, housed one member each from the subject of this post. And while it would appear that Food For Animals still has life in it, Manhunter, sadly, no longer exists. Lucky for the children of Maryland and the world at large, FFA’s Andrew Field Pickering and Manhunter’s Ari Goldman have joined cosmic forces to form Beautiful Swimmers. In their conjoined project, the more aggressive and punctuated tendencies towards rap and dance are absent. The duo have replaced that energy with something much more in the necessary vein of calming down. And while many acts abide the open waters of soothing jams these days, the Swimmers are of a different breed; not just logging on and watching internet videos about it, but living it, with years of life-guarding, championship swimming, and pool partying under their belts. Not to mention their quality disc jockeying skills. So demand the Beautiful Swimmers at your local dance club for a night that will not just light up your pool, but light up your town!

Enjoy their latest single, “Big Coast” and be sure to pick up a copy from Future Times

Beautiful Swimmers – Big Coast

The label has also recently added a two part mix from the group for free download:



Guest post by: John Hancock (Awesome New Republic/ANR)

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  1. August 29, 2010 2:13 am

    fuck, yr such great writers!


  1. ANR Remix Kisses « ((( nightdrive )))

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