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Lil Daggers

August 26, 2010

If you didn’t know now you know! Miami’s Lil Daggers have been playing the field for about 2 years now and in that time have dropped a 10″ EP titled “Straggles” a little while back (which is now out of print) and most recently a split 7″ single with Alabama’s ‘Satan’s Youth Ministers’. If that wasn’t enough, they are also set to release a split record with co-conspirators ‘Furious Dudes’ for Livid Records. They’ll be celebrating the release, with a “balls to the wall” live performance, at BAR this Friday night; alongside our dear friend Javi (the bestest bar manager around) for his very sucio birthday celebration! Come on  tell Javi you love him…

Lead vocalist Johnny Saraiva assures me they will be playing new tracks from their up-coming LP scheduled for release early 2011. Sharing the stage with LD’s are ‘Furious Dudes’, ‘Prettie Pleeze’ and the much anticipated reunion of Miami/NYC dwellers ‘DESERTER’!!! With sounds provided by DJs Benton & Stravinsky all night long. All I have left to say is, Stay Lindo Miami.


Lil Daggers – King Korpze

Lil Daggers – Hungry

Lil Daggers @ Don Pedros Brooklyn, NY

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