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The Discipline of Matthew Herbert

August 17, 2010

Matthew Herbert is a highly detail-orientated musician and producer who applies a strict code of ethics to his production techniques. In 2005 he published the “Personal Contract for the Composition of Music (Incorporating the Manifesto of Mistakes).” As stated in his contract he forbids himself from the use of drum machines or the sampling of other people’s music. Also, “No replication of traditional acoustic instruments is allowed where the financial and physical possibility of using the real ones exist. The contract encourages the “inclusion, development, propagation, existence, replication, acknowledgement, rights, patterns and beauty of what are commonly known as accidents.” This contract goes on to include several more strict production rules (11 in total).  With so many strict rules guiding his productions it would seem likely the musical end product would be clinical and pretentious. Quite the opposite.

Over the years Matthew Herbert has amassed an impressive amount of diverse and somewhat unclassifiable musical outings (monickers include Wishmountain, Doctor Rockit, Radio Boy, Mr. Vertigo and Transformer ) with two things in common; strict adherence to his manifesto & an excellent end product. For proof of this check out Herbert’s 1998 album “Around The House.” An album mainly comprised of deep house compositions where the source sounds were sampled in his home. “Around The House” also includes vocals by jazz singer & romantic partner Dani Siciliano. Other albums to check include Bodily Functions, Goodbye Swingtime, “a 2003 album issued as the Matthew Herbert Big Band”, Scale in 2006, his most successful album to date and his new album One One.

Leipzig, the 1st single off of One One tells the story of “a young man’s hedonistic adventures in club land.

Matthew Herbert- Leipzig

Matthew Herbert- Going Round

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