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August 13, 2010

You guys know how much Nightdrive likes re-edits. We’ve posted about Eli Escobar, Maurice Fulton, Greg Wilson, and now it’s Nelue’s turn to convert classics into revamped nu-disco gems. I’ve found a whole arsenal of his re-edits spanning from Herb Albert to Barbara Streisand and his original stuff is also pretty awesome. Before you snag up the tracks below take a second to get to know this guy, I promise you’ll like:

“Asturian based in Madrid, Nelue (Fernando Gómez) began studying music at the Real Music Conservatory at the age of 4 years, his training ranges from the Classic to the Electronica passing by the Rock and Jazz. While studying the career of Audio Engineering began working for different studios and collaborate with the most varied projects: Bienvenido Sr. Trance (RNE), Lorca (Universal), Plan 9 (Warner Chapel / Boa Records) and Sara Da Pin Up (Warner / Surreal EI) among others. At present he works as music composer for the Wisdom Entertaiment Group scoring all kind of audiovisual stuff ( tv commercials, tv shows, videogames, 3d animations shorts,…) Nelue combines classic songwriting techniques with a cutting-edge, authentic nu-disco sound. Their magically blends their influences of classic NYC house, disco, funk and ’80s pop influences. Only a small handful of dance acts can put on a proper live performance, and he a his friends are a band that gets the party started!”


Nelue – Cosmic Seed (alt link)

Genesis – That’s All [Nelue Re-Edit] (alt link)

Barbara Streisand – Never Give Up (Nelue Rework) (alt link)

Nelue (feat Russian Red) – Deconstructed (Crazy P Remix) (stream only)

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