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Snack & Cmish

August 10, 2010

Aside from their presence in online radio I was really surprised to not see more on Snack & Cmish. They released Majikaboogie some time ago and nobody has really blogged about it… so here you go Miami.

This classic track was originally titled Majic Kaboola and recorded by the Gee Gee & Gym Band in 1983. Put out by French independent label Supra, Jay Goitia (Snack) and Matt Ro’s (Cmish) reinterpretation is a classic in it’s own right as you can hear for yourself. These New Yorkers are your bi-weekly hosts of the Turntable Lab radio show, who present their favorite tracks just in from the TTL ‘daily arrivals’ section; basically accumulating amazing music and unloading it on their listeners about every two weeks. They also have this habit of inviting other great DJs for exclusive on air sets (make sure to check that out). Having gone up to NY during CMJ last year I got the opportunity to see these guys spin, alongside Nightdrive affiliates Team Rojas, at APT one of my favorite spots in all the city, (20.oz cans of Sapporo-check, Majikaboogie & Midus Touch-check, amazing friends-check), OHHH what a night! Cheers to Snack & Cmish for their love of good, rare, obscure, delicious vinyl.


Snack & Cmish – Majikaboogie (16 bit – Maxi Single / Supra)

To download click the arrow icon above  ^

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