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Beat Connection

August 1, 2010

Personally I’m tired of the hackneyed (Thanks SATs!) discourse on chillwave- what it is, where it came from, whether it actually exists and what does (or does not) qualify as chillwave.  I just find it to be good music in all its mutations.  It elicits a certain emotion that is deeper than the simple “nostalgia” that’s associated with “a day at the beach” as it’s often portrayed.  For me it has a dynamic that propels us optimistically forward rather than harking back to better days (that we may or may not have had).  It makes me feel good- no explanation needed.

Beat Connection is a duo hailing from Seattle.  Like many of their contemporaries, the project started in a dormitory and came of age at local parties.  They describe their music as “challenging surf-y-psychedelic-balearic-disco-dance-electro-pop infused with a healthy dose of rock and house music.”  I think that’s called chillwave.  We have for you a few of my favorite tracks off their recent EP “Surf Noir.”  You can download the whole thing HERE.

Balearic Num-Nums:

Beat Connection- Theme From Yours Truly (Alt Link)

Beat Connection- Sunburn (Alt Link)

Beat Connection- In the Water (Alt Link)

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